How to Add Music to your Videos in Kinemaster

Let’s be honest guys, Kinemaster is one of the best and most preferred platforms for most of us who have very basic video-creating knowledge. The app does have so many perks and is quite easy to use and operate. 

So far, you have used the png, gifs, and some raw clips to create some visual candies, right? The problem you are facing must be “What to do about the deafening silence?”

Now, all you gotta do is add some tunes and words- voila! You have a masterpiece with Kinemaster.

Where art thou free music?

If you have thought to upload a video on a public platform like Youtube, copyright issues are a huge deal. The best way to tackle this is-

  1. Use Soundcloud and Youtube creator studio- Most of them only require you to credit them at the end. However, some do expect some revenue in return.
  2. This site has few, yet diverse collections of tunes that are in the public domain. You can also get some better tunes at a low cost.
  3. You can always… (drumrolls) record yourself to create something completely authentic and beautiful!

Do be mindful that Kinemaster allows audio formats like M4A, AAC, WAV, and of course the Jane/John of Audio formats- MP3. If your audio is not in these formats, go for a quick google search on sites to convert audio formats and choose one that suits you.

How to make it musical?

Silent Video? Check. Audio? Check?

Now let’s do the needful!

  1. On your video page, you will see a Media Panel. When you go there, there will possibly be a disc-shaped structure with a lot of options. Click the audio icon on the right. You will know which one as soon as you see it.
  2. When the audio window shows up, there will be a plus sign somewhere in the top-right corner, select that!
  3. Select the audio file you want to add to the video and wait for it to load up.
  4. There are a plethora of filters available to you. Do whatever suits you to the audio, to create that perfect video you want.
  5. Your video is ready to be saved or exported!

This wasn’t so hard now was it? Now you can create more such amazing stuff on Kinemaster. Thank us later 😉

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