How To Add Video Transitions using Kinemaster App

Videos have become a new trend in our modern society. Be it a birthday surprise from your distant friend or competitions for your academics, videos have played a very important role in our life. If you want to make amazing videos you can use Kinemaster. It has a nice interface, that is easy to use and the features are excellent. This app is designed for android devices, so it will run on your phone or tablet easily.

There are many great features in Kinemaster Editor:-

Firstly, it is super easy to use.  After the first time, you will be able to do everything without any problems at all. It’s worth spending money on if you are a beginner at video editing with Kinemaster editor.

The next thing is the feature that makes it trickier for beginners: The toolbar! This feature allows you to change the theme of your editor so that its design looks more professional than other apps.  Another great feature of this app is that it has a tone of easy-to-use.

Lastly, I like about this app is that If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use the app, this is the one for you! It has everything you need in one place so it will be very helpful for beginners as well as advanced users.

How To Add Video Transitions using Kinemaster App

Let’s understand its use through a simple tutorial:-

  1. Understand your theme and concept

Creating professional videos, such as advertisements and other promotional content, requires paying special attention to the message. First, find relevant videos to deliver your message.

  1. Create a new project using Kinemaster

You can begin working on a new video immediately after installing Kinemaster. To begin tap the plus icon in the middle button to select an aspect ratio for your video. You can now see a welcome screen.

Choosing the right aspect ratio depends on where you want to publish your video.

Next, open the media browser section. It contains folders with pictures and videos. Select the video clip you want to work on or you can add more similarly.

  1. Trim your video

Trimming allows you to make the video as per your specifications i.e. which part is to be deleted or to make it short. to see the results tap the play button and watch the video you edited.

  1. Add video transitions

Transitions make your video more appealing. To add transitions, tap on plus; many options will appear on the right. After picking the one you want, tap the tick mark in the upper section to save your choice.

Thats It !!

Thank You for reading our tutorial.

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