How to use Green Screen/Chroma Key in your Kinemaster videos

There are a number of things you can do to make your videos and photos more visually pleasing. This in turn would fetch you more likes on Instagram or more views on YouTube! KineMaster allows you to do so without much complexity.

Follow a simple set of steps and learn how to add text and music to your videos, making them stand out and widen your fan base thereby.

First, we will focus on adding text to videos.

How To Add text to a video

First, we will focus on adding text to videos.

  1.  The layer icon will open a bunch of options. Out of these, select Text.
  2.  Write whatever pleases you and hit the Ok button. This will automatically display your text over the video.
  3.  On the right side of your screen, click the Aa button to adjust the font so that it matches your video.
  4.  Once you’re done, tap the checkmate button in the top right corner. This will save your work and any changes. You can also add colour, shadow and animation effects to your text.
  5.  To change the text color, hit the white circle next to the scissor icon and make the changes.

How To Add background music to a video

  1.  Place the red vertical line over the project sheet where the music must start.
  2.  Tap Audio from the tool menu and select the appropriate music for your video. This may include downloaded music on your phone. If not, feel free to explore KineMaster’s Audio Browser.
  3.  Then tap the red plus sign. This will place the selected music over your video.
  4.  After tapping the red plus sign, the song’s name will be displayed at the bottom.

In this simple manner, you can add a variety of texts and music to your videos, making them unique and unlike any other! This app is available for both Android as well as Apple. Use KineMaster for all your personal as well as professional video editing needs.

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